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Anatarian Stories
There are a number of story ideas I have drafted in my mind dealing with the Anatarian people. If any of these stories sound interesting to you, I'd appreciate e-mails giving some feedback on what people would like to see. I am most certain I will write them all eventually, whether anything is ever published or not, but the order of writing is not fixed.

Walking Among the Stars - Malina Teral, the rebellious young Anatarian Healer sets out to barter her services in exchange for traveling with a trader crew. Simple traders turn black-market smugglers when the Federation gets involved with some supposedly stolen property. Cleared of all charges, but still a specimen of interest, Teral ends up spending time in the company of Starfleet officers. Somewhere along the line, she saves an important Starfleet officer's son and is given the opportunity to enter this service to a very different people.

Through Eyes that See Worlds - the girl who changed Malina's life forever, with nothing more than her simple presence. She is there, but not quite all there. People feel a sense to protect her for no apparent reason. She knows what she shouldn't know, and can do what she shouldn't be able to do. At the same time, she can't even remember who she was before. Malina tries to unravel the mysteries of her existence, but the chance is snatched from her, leading her to actions she never would have dreamt herself taking.

A Place In This Universe - Anishe S-Tran's search for a place to call her own. She runs from a family that tries to protect her after the famed Anatarian Healers can do nothing to fix her. Wandering on her own she tries to find her place elsewhere, but there is always that feeling of inadequacy, of trying to shove a square peg through a round hole. There is something missing. Purpose, truth, and the realization that she has to stop running sometime.

War Torn Skies (I, II, III) - the story of Muhila Sarel, the first world ruler of Anataria as a whole. The story of the Anatarian people as their rather peaceful pastoral lives are interrupted by the realization they are not alone in the universe, and the rest of the universe does not necessarily have the most peaceful intentions towards them. The way they were subjugated by these new visitors, and how they eventually freed themselves.

A View from the Precipice - another crossroads is coming for the Anatarian people, Aresia Sarel has known of this reality for quite some time. In a unprecedented decision, the Khall'ianen Confederation proposes a project by which the Anatarians can contribute both their natural abilities and technical understanding to creating a medical device capable of healing beings the same way the Healers do. With public approval for this joint-project being at a low, Aresia has to trust to her own instincts in handling the project. A whirlwind of changes are coming, and Aresia knows that the decisions she will make will affect the course of her planet's future forever. But those changes are about to come much faster when the prototype is stolen…

The Anatarians and the design of this website is the property of Anya Talisan. Please ask before borrowing any portion of this information even for use in a roleplaying game.
I always welcome people wanting to incorporate my ideas, but please e-mail to ask first.