An average height woman looks at you from across the room, a pad of paper in her lap, a colored cone shaped in the form of a stylus between the fingers of her right hand. Her white hair and vibrant blue eyes easily makes her stand out as her fingers move in strong strokes over the paper. She seems to be looking past for a few moments while she draws.

Lowering the paper she seems to contemplate you for a moment. Only then do you notice the stripes and crescent shapes forming a line of markings down from each side of her neck, over the tops of her shoulders from her open-shouldered shirt, and down her arms to the backs of her hands. A slight smile comes over her lips and your curiosity finally gets the better of you.

Standing up, you move across the room and start to ask her why she is staring at you, but she speaks first. "Hello," she said in a flawless standard accent. Glancing down, you notice she has drawn an abstract version of a human, probably you. The background, however, is rendered in flawless detail. "Views of an Alien Gallery," is written along one edge of a paper sticking out from beneath the one she was drawing on. There is a pile of sketches and drawings to the right side of her chair.

"Would you hear of my world?" she says softly, fingering the edges of the paper. Slowly she pulls out another picture, a planet, half shrouded in the darkness of night. Two moons orbit the blue-green orb in her drawing. With a slight smile she nods to a seat next to her, leaving the invitation open. "Would you hear of my people?"

Anatarians are a species originating in the Alpha Quadrant on Antaria IV It is one of two naturally inhabited worlds in the Antar System which is located close to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy. Neighboring powers include the Khall'ianen, the Ferengi, the Breen and the Cardassians.

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