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Anatarian Government is based on lineage holding of specific offices. Their main government is split into three main branches: the Emery, the Harbony, and the Ashetary.

The Emery is the branch of government dealing with the people of Anataria. They deal with transportation projects, production and distribution of energy, information networks, safety issues, and the code of law. There are no small claims courts, or courts dealing with social issues. Most conflicts are handled by the Healers of a particular community before they ever become large enough to be considered "criminal". Once it becomes the level of violent crime or complete disregard for the good of others that is when the Healers step in on a larger scale, and the government then decides (with Healer advice) what should be done with this person. There is also a branch within the Emery that are government employed engineers, and scientists, that basically take care of the government provided utilities, the design of new systems and the maintenance of existing systems.

The Harbony is their branch of military, and is the smallest branch of the current Anatarian government. Their military force has been waning for years, mostly due to the lack of need, interest, and the general social disapproval for people trained to do nothing but cause violence to others. However, the practical need is still there. There is a defense network of satellites around Anataria equipped with a sort of subsystem disruptor that is more meant to knock out weapons, shields, and engines so that they can be picked up by a Harbony ship and escorted to the border. Most of the role that the Harbony fills is catching traders who hope to smuggle things around the border checkpoint (most often to Ashia or Antar-Cara) and serving as customs on Kirjath station. They also perform escort duty if traders or representatives from potentially hostile powers so there are no ambushes on the borders of Anatarian space.

The Ashetary is the government branch dealing with government functions between Anataria, Antar'Cara, and Ashia. On the larger scale, the relations between Anataria and any other power in the known galaxy (generally only the ones close to Anataria). This is the branch that regulates trade, takes in taxes on exports and imports, has a core of diplomats and where the few ambassadors that Anataria has ever had have come from.

The Musihleh is the hereditary leader of the planet and presides directly over the Emery, the Harbony, and the Ashetary. She has direct final say on any project under the authority of any branch of government, and the ability to override decisions. However, since the heads of those three branches of government are normally her close kin, they are not always above creative means of feedback if a Musihleh becomes a little overzealous in her job. While the Anatarian people as a whole view their Musihleh with a sense of dignity, there have been many stories of various incidents when the Sarel family has creatively opposed their ruler (who is always the head of the Sarel household). Generally the family has always been a rather functional one, so it keeps checks and balances in itself. This is probably the most radical difference in the Anatarian government than most other governments of two-gendered humanoids. Their family-based society extends to the upper echelons of power.

The Musihleh is always a member of the Sarel family, but beyond that, it could be the current Musihleh's oldest daughter, youngest daughter, sister's daughter, brother's daughter, etc. It normally does not transfer from one person to another of the same generation, such as to the Musihleh's sister. The Sarel family is larger than the average Anatarian household, generally having more children than is considered norm. Then again, they also have living quarters that are quite a bit larger than the norm.

In general the people who hold positions of power in government come in two varieties, those who have shown in some capacity the good sense and experience necessary to current people in power, and those who receive the position on the basis of hereditary. Councils of the three different departments range in number from five to nine, but always requiring an odd number. The number stays limited so that each viewpoint is heard, but it preventing discussions from becoming redundant and fixated on insignificant details. It is expected that whatever the personal bias, each member of the committee hears each other member out before speaking against the reasoning or proposals he or she is representing. The councils are seen as a staff of highly knowledgeable advisors which the head of that branch listens to, then makes decisions based on the information they are given by their council. Each council member also has an area in which they make decisions on their own depending on what area they are representing, so they are far from powerless relegated to simply providing information to their department head within the Sarel family.

An interesting point about government is that neither anyone from the Athedian Orders nor the Vanden are allowed in governmental or council positions. Healers have their own methods of connecting with governmental decisions on all levels, and are the strongest check for power of the global government---and the government is the strongest check for power with the Healers.

The Vanden can almost be considered a joint-department of both the governmental body and the Athedian Orders. The Vanden vessels are for the purpose of aid to those “out there” meaning non-Anatarian, they are medical vessels, crewed by younger Anatarians trained for the task (usually fueled by curiosity of the outside galaxy) and Healers who show interest in the task. This has come about simply because there are many more healers than what is required for tending to their own population. And while many healers do not practice the same way they traditionally have done for centuries, taking instead positions of research, specialty, and even power of their own sort, there still are more than enough to go around.

The going policy on relations with external governments outside of the system is one of polite rebuffing with an almost willing blindness to the events outside of their system. This policy has been changing to one of greater desire for knowledge of the outside galaxy, mostly for the reason of being afraid that one of these super-powers around them will decide one day that Anataria and its people could be put to better use than they are currently. The Ashetary has had a great jump in personnel and resources in recent years, while it's still not really socially approved to be carrying out this kind of information gathering, it's not strongly opposed either. The Anatarian government remains as neutral as possible in conflicts, giving aid to whomever comes their way without making judgments of the rightness or wrongness of their position. They generally believe if they contribute positively to the universe, and do not take sides, and do not try to reach beyond their system that the other peoples in the universe will generally leave them alone.

The way the Anatarians view their government is the coordinating power dealing with everything that a small group of people from any one area could not deal with: global transportation, energy production, implementation of planet-wide utilities, dealing with the workings of Antar'Cara and Ashia, not to mention the other even more “alien” peoples out there. They are seen as having a difficult and somewhat distasteful job and having a greater amount of resources to carry out that job. Most Anatarians don't really want to deal with other peoples, and they prefer to stay close to their families, their lifestyle, and free of cultural contamination from other peoples. So governmental role means they have to consider larger groups of people beside their family and friends, the workings of larger balances than most people care to think about, and dealing with off-worlders who do not understand how to get along in a mature fashion with the rest of the universe.

Something that is worthy of note to outsiders is that the Government is the primary source of "newsworthy" information, meaning things that affect a large number of people, require resources, or have to do with the outside universe. While this might seem abhorrent to people outside of the Antar system, the Anatarians generally do not mind it. They have their own lines of communication, and generally verify things by people who actually experienced anything that happened. The Healers also have a highly efficient network of information dispersion, and since they are intertwined with the government on most levels, they are privy almost everything. There is no "free press" on Anataria.

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